Meet the Team

Tim Nolen, President

David Burdick, VP of Sales

MyAnh Hoang, Logistics Account Manager

Lauren Williams, Director of Operations

Derek Perez, Logistics Account Manager

Paula Lawrence, Contracts Administrator

Devan Mathews, Logistics Account Manager

Greg Rogers, Logistics Account Manager

Changing transportation for good requires a different kind of freight management company. One dedicated to always doing the right thing. We treat our clients’ business like our own, helping them eliminate hidden inefficiencies and transforming supply chain logistics from a cost-bucket to a source of competitive advantage.

Our CompassTMS system, Priority Logistics’ real-time, web-based bill of lading and shipping management system, is the proprietary technology that makes it possible to accurately build, route, optimize, assign, track, and bill shipments. But the real secret to cracking the code lies in the knowledge and hard work of the people behind our technology.

Our team has expertise in LTL, truckload, intermodal, rail, air freight, drayage, small package, expedited, warehousing, cross-docking, in-bound vendor logistics and regulations. Staying ahead of the complex National Motor Freight Classification system to find and avoid accessorial charges and exceptions is also a core competency of Priority Logistics.

Our focus is eliminating confusion and complexity from the transportation equation. We do the things our clients cannot do for themselves. And we do them ethically. With Priority Logistics, everything is in the open and everyone is on the same page, because the time for new standards of transparency in transportation is now.

Priority Logistics was founded in 1999 and serves the North American markets. Priority is recognized as a leading transportation solution provider between the U.S. and Mexico. We are an American business fiercely dedicated to small business values, no matter how large we grow. We all do better when we work together for a better future.