Intense Focus on Controlling Freight Spend

Freight rules change daily and that impacts cost. Rather than just telling you about the change, we develop new strategies that respond to industry changes which produce long-term cost savings and supply chain efficiency. What we do:

  • Empower you with resources to seize full control of spiraling freight transportation costs.
  • Guarantee to uncover cost-saving opportunities, improve service, and optimize management resources.
  • Contract at wholesale rates and ignore retail “discounts.” We have a perfect track record of providing savings, enabling us to enter into payment on performance agreements with full confidence we will find savings every time.
  • Put the power of “insider information” in your hands as we show you what industry insiders never show you.
  • Eliminate excessive retail/sales margins, fees, classifications, and miscellaneous superfluous costs.
  • Contract with only top tier carriers providing the highest levels of service, and enable our clients to maintain existing carrier relationships.

Rate Impact Monitoring

As your supply chain consultant, we work for your interests and try to inform you of the industry changes that will adversely affect your company and bottom lines. One of the many sources we monitor is the CCSB’s Disposition Bulletin Notice.

This notice reflects proposed amendments by the Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB) at the public meetings and the action of the CCSB is issued on each proposal. Actions resulting in amendments to the National Motor Freight Classification® (NMFC®) will be published in a supplement to the NMFC, unless reconsideration is granted in accordance with the CCSB’s rules. Click the CCSB bulletin below to review a recent CCSB Bulletin.